Be Bold, Be Brave, Be YOU!

Join entrepreneur and mom-of-four Colleen Mook as she explores how to create the life you want (even if things aren't easy). Colleen is founder and former CEO of Internet retailer Baby Be Hip, she's a winner of several business awards, and she's a public speaker and has appeared on The Today Show and various other media. Tune in for tips and hacks, stories, interviews and more as she entertains and motivates.
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Be Bold, Be Brave, Be YOU!




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Nov 28, 2016

This week's interview episode features a chat between Colleen and Liz Small, mom of two and founder of Small Steps. Liz's big and fun personality shines through as she talks about topics ranging from finding spirituality to avoiding mom-guilt to living intentionally. Each of us needs to find our space to breath easy and be ourselves. 

Nov 21, 2016

In this week's interview, Colleen speaks with Jody Romano, Director of Advancement at Mount Saint Joseph Academy and President of her local Toastmasters club. Jody shares her journey of self-discovery, which includes lessons learned from her experience with being bullied as a child, her subsequent weight loss and lots of other challenges she's overcome. 

Nov 17, 2016

In this week's solo episode, Colleen talks about the "Principle of Detachment". Letting go of outcomes and instead learning to just trust and enjoy the journey can make all the difference.

Nov 14, 2016

This week's interview features three of the founders of S.W.I.F.T. (Strong Women in Fitness Together), a Philadelphia-based running group. Colleen talks to Kara, Amy and Dana about why they started the group, what running means to them and—most importantly—why women supporting women is central to their mission. Whether running is your thing or you're looking for the inspiration to find your own tribe, listen in as Colleen and these great ladies share their great perspective.

Nov 7, 2016

In this week's interview episode, Colleen chats with Caitlin Domanico, a woman of many talents and perspective beyond her years. Caitlin shares what she's learned through the highs of success, the lows of loss, and changing things up when it just doesn't feel right. With her wise soul and bubbly personality, Caitlin's story is sure to inspire anyone looking to take a step forward but just not sure where to begin.

Nov 3, 2016

In this week's solo episode, Colleen discusses life lessons learned during an early morning trip to the hospital with her daughter Molly, including the importance of taking that first step in making things happen.